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Try The Method for 30 days and if you and your athletes don't love it, we'll give you your money back!


Competitor Program

  • $99/mo
  • Included (free) in Catalyst & Absolute Programs
  • Endurance, gymnastics and strength biased tracks
  • 60+ additional training pieces each month
  • Supplement the WOD or assign to individual athletes
  • Accessory and mobility track coming soon


Have a question? Chances are, we have an answer!

What makes The Method program different?

The Method was designed with five primary objectives that serve as the foundation for our program development:

  1. To inspire and empower athletes, coaches and affiliate owners to be more impactful in their local communities. We know, it’s an unexpected first point, but we believe it brings into perspective what we believe to be our strongest attribute – we’re focused on leadership and business development. We devote a great deal of time and resources to developing content and programs that will make your coaches more impactful, allowing you to focus on developing your community.
  2. To encourage more effective and efficient coaching. We don’t claim to have a secret recipe or exaggerate the nature of our program. The truth is a five minute Google search will yield 10s of millions of workout programs you could follow, which is why our programming is available FREE on most of our social media channels, on our website, and on SugarWOD (Lifestyle Program). Instead, our programming focuses more on delivering content that will allow your coaches to better prepare and execute each class.
  3. To establish the world’s most inclusive community of athletes and affiliates. We built the Friends of the Method Program around our desire to create a community of Method Athletes and Affiliates around the world. Traveling Method Athletes can search our map for affiliates near their destination that are following The Method, so they don’t have to skip out on a day of training. And affiliates receive up to $600/year off of their programming fees!
  4. To lead the fitness community in the integration of science and fitness. We chose to build our program around the SugarWOD platform because of it’s focus on building community. In addition to their advanced workout tracking software, SugarWOD’s mobile app allows your coaches and athletes to interact with and encourage one another through the toughest WODs.
  5. To ease the burden of programming on busy affiliate owner. The list of responsibilities as an affiliate owner is unending: accounting, coaching, selling retail, cleaning, marketing, programming…it never ends. Our intention is to offer a better alternative to spending hours each week programming and allow affiliate owners to get back to enjoying the things that inspired them to get into the business in the first place.

What makes The Method programming different?

  1. Programming is our purpose, not just our past-time. Because we aren’t busy running our own affiliate, we aren’t selling you a program built for our members; we’re offering one customizable to your members.
  2. Broad Stimuli=Broad Adaptation. Our Workout of the Day track is tried and true general physical preparedness (GPP) programming, so most of your athletes will benefit simply by following the Workout of the Day track.
  3. Tested. Assessed. Assigned. Most workouts are tried and test by Method Coaches and Method Athletes prior to ever being programmed.
  4. Greater adaptability. The program is designed for every affiliate, not with a specific affiliate in mind.
  5. Evidence based programming. With 10+ years of combined chemical research experience, we know how to look at data and identity trends, so our programming is constantly evolving.
  6. Ease of customization. We make it easy to assign additional strength, endurance or gymnastics work from our Competitor Program to the WOD, because you know your athletes best.
  7. Advanced Coaches Notes. We take the standard coaches notes a step further with our Advanced Coaches Notes.
  8. Dedicated Method Coach. When you subscribe, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Method Coach to manage and oversee your account with us, so you never have to worry about bringing us up to speed.
  9. (More) Affordable. All of our affiliate programs include our Competitor Program, because you shouldn’t claim a program is for everyone if you aren’t truly serving your advanced athletes.
  10. WE GUARANTEE IT! We’re confident you’ll love our programming, or we’ll refund your first month. Try it for 30 days and if you aren’t impressed and we can’t fix it, we’ll give you you’re money back. See below for more info.

Will The Method work for MY athletes?

Absolutely! Our Workout of the Day track is programmed for the elite athlete, with scaling and modification suggestions available for athletes of all skill and ability levels. When your advanced athletes need more, you can assign them additional content from our Competitor Program.

Will my athletes enjoy The Method?

Yes, but we’re a little biased, so here’s why:

Generally speaking, we try to program workouts in a way that is fun and engaging in a class structure. Our intention is to encourage even the elite athlete to find each workout challenging, so your entire gym community feels involved. We try to program regular partner workouts of varying sizes. We incorporate odd-objects and uncommon assessments that still remain true to the concept of functional fitness. And we regularly program workouts that encourage friendly competitor within the class setting – clean ladders, relay races, etc. But don’t take our word for it, try it out and let us know!

When are the workouts published in SugarWOD?

The Method is published one month at a time, typically one week prior to the upcoming month. This allows for you and your coaching staff to review, discuss and modify the program to suit your athletes, if needed.

Does The Method offer scaling or modification suggestions?

Yes! The Method offers three tiers of scaling options to better suit athletes of all skill and ability levels: competitor, fitness, and lifestyle. Our athlete classification system is based on each athlete’s goals, not just their experience level. Although unorthodox, we find this approach ultimately leads to more accurate self-assessment and greater coachability for all athletes. Our athlete classification system is as follows:

Competitors possess both the proficiency and desire to compete at higher levels of competition. Competitors will generally be able to “Rx” 99% of all workouts considered for Regional and Games level athletes.

Fitness Athletes possess the desire but are developing proficiency to compete in the sport of functional fitness. These athletes will likely be able to Rx some workouts, but will still require some modification of workout standards, weights or volume for many workouts.

Lifestyle Athletes are athletes who are newly developing proficiency and may or may not have the desire to compete. These athletes are focused on developing form and proficiency in each movement and will perform a majority of workouts “Scaled.”

What is the Competitor Program?

The Competitor Program offers additional endurance, gymnastics and strength biased programming for more advanced athletes. This content is included in the Catalyst and Absolute Programs, but is delivered separately in SugarWOD to give you greater ability to tailor your program to your athletes. The Competitor Program can also be assigned to individual athletes, sold as a separate program within your affiliate, or used as a class program for your advanced athletes.

What if I don't have the equipment required for a workout at my affiliate?

We make every effort to program class workouts for the Workout of the Day track that only require equipment that has thus far been programmed in competition. However, we do try to incorporate new equipment from time-to-time in support of our GPP model. On those days, we often make suggestions for alternatives via the Coaches Notes, but if you have a specific requirement or limitation and aren’t sure how to best modify the workout, contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

What if I HATE a workout?

You won’t…





…but if you do, you can easily substitute that workout with another from our Competitor Program.

What if I try The Method and don't like it?

We are fully committed to ensuring your experience with our program is nothing short of exceptional. If you are unsatisfied with our program for any reason and we cannot make it right, we’ll either refund your first month or credit your next month, as appropriate. In order to make our program better for you and our other affiliates, we have just a few requirements to be eligible for this refund:

1) Complete our exit survey. We want to know how we can improve our program, so we’ll ask you to share some of your experiences with us in a brief survey.

2) Follow The Method exclusively for 30 days. Follow our Workout of the Day track as your affiliate’s primary program for 30 consecutive days, remaining at least 85% true to the program (i.e. only changing/replacing one workout per week). We program with the big picture in mind, so changing our programming too often might undermine some of those underlying goals.

3) Demonstrate at least 25% athlete and coach participation. If there is a problem causing your athletes or coaches not to see results from our program, we want to find out why. We ask that you encourage your athletes to fully participate in the program and that at least 25% of your athletes and coaches record their scores for each workout. For example, if you have 100 members, we ask that at least 25 record their scores for each workout and that you share that data with us.

Successfully complete and consent to the aforementioned terms and if you aren’t satisfied with our programming, we’ll issue you a refund for your first month. Time to process refund may vary from bank to bank, so please allow up to 30 days from the completion of the above to receive your refund.

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