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Can I see a sample of your Competitor Programming?

Absolutely. You can check out a sample of our competitor programming below, or sign up for our Lifestyle Program (FREE) and take a look around the place. You can always upgrade to our Competitor Program whenever you’re ready!

Will I enjoy The Method?

Yes, but we’re a little biased, so here’s why:

Generally speaking, we try to program workouts in a way that is fun and engaging, whether performed in a class setting, in a small group, or solo. For that reason, we’ve built our Competitor Program around our affiliate programming, so even elite athletes are still engaged with and inspired by the sense of community that defines our sport. We hope to encourage even the elite athlete to find each workout challenging, so your entire gym community feels involved. We try to program regular partner workouts (of varying sizes). We incorporate odd-objects and uncommon assessments that challenge athletes, yet still remain true to the concept of functional fitness. And we regularly program workouts that encourage friendly competition within the class setting – clean ladders, relay races, etc.

Our Method Competitors then get to take their training one step further with our supplemental Competitor programming. Whether you want to simply increase your strength by following only our strength programming that month, or you’re an aspiring Games athlete, you’ll find programming that will meet you where you are (with multiple scaling options) and take you to where you want to be. All you have to do is show up and perform!

What if I'm not ready to be a Competitor?

That’s ok! We’ll soon have the capability to add notes for our athlete programming that will include various scaling and modification options for athletes of all skill and ability levels. Stay tuned for that exciting update from SugarWOD!

What is a Dedicated Method Coach?

We realize that not all of our Competitors have the opportunity to train at an affiliate or benefit from in-person coaching, so we offer each of our Competitors a free, 15-minute monthly check-in with a member of the Method coaching staff. Each month, you’ll chat with your Method Coach about your success and opportunities for improvement from last month’s training; discuss the upcoming training cycle; and even get suggestions for how to modify your training program to more specifically reflect your training goals. And because an important part of the coach-athlete relationship is trust, we assign you a coach that will stick with you throughout your training journey.

What if I don't have the equipment required for a workout?

From time to time, we like to go off-course and incorporate odd-objects and/or obscure or uncommon implements in order to diversify your training program and expose our Competitors to a broad range of stimuli. If you do not have access to a particular implement or just need some suggestions for alternative movements/implements, send us a message and we’ll be glad to help!

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